Environmental impact

At CoCo Bleu we continually evaluate every aspect of our production from our ingredients, to our packaging. As makers we are always looking at ways to improve and reduce our environmental impact.

Our ethos is to create products which are sustainably sourced, responsibly made, with zero waste & with a focus on a circular economy.

  • our wax is measured to the gram to ensure no wastage

  • use of wax seals and vegan ink stamps, rather than stickers

  • we use glass candle & diffuser vessels which can be washed & repurposed

  • we recycle all our delivery packaging

  • use of sustainable plant based wax & cotton wicks

  • our wax melts are packaged in compostable bags

  • our supplies are sourced locally where possible and all within the UK

  • installation of solar panels which has helped reduce our energy bills

  • we have introduced reed diffuser refill bottles so our glassware doesn't need to be disposed of, re-use of vessels is an important part of reducing our carbon footprint. We now offer a customer discount if refill bottles are returned to us

  • all our packaging is made from recycled materials which can also be fully recycled, including our postal boxes, tissue paper & packing materials.

Our luxury range was previously supplied in a gift box, we have now added this as an optional extra and are using strong boxes which can be repurposed.

We will continue to review our processes to ensure the way we make our products has minimal impact on the environment.