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How to choose the right scent for your home or office.


4/13/20232 min read

leopard design glass diffuser with petals and flowers on white table
leopard design glass diffuser with petals and flowers on white table

Are you tired of your living space feeling bland and lifeless? Do you want to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that relaxes and rejuvenates you? One of the easiest ways to transform the ambiance of your home or office is by using home fragrances. Whether it's a luxurious candle, a reed diffuser, or wax melts, the right scent can uplift your mood and enhance your environment. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right scent for your needs? Here are some tips to help you select the perfect fragrance.

Consider Your Personal Preferences

The first and most obvious step in choosing a scent is to think about your personal preferences. Do you prefer sweet, floral scents or earthy, woody ones like The Duke? Do you like subtle scents or bold, intense fragrances such Indonesian Spa? Consider your favourite scents in other products, such as perfumes or lotions, and use those as a starting point for selecting a home fragrance. If you're not sure what scents you like, start by sampling a few different options to see which fragrances appeal to you the most.

Think About the Purpose of the Fragrance

The purpose of the fragrance can also help guide your selection. Are you looking for a scent that will help you relax and unwind, our Influencer candle or diffuser is perfect or do you want something that will energize and invigorate you such as Restore? Certain scents, such as lavender and jasmine, are known for their calming properties, while citrus and lemongrass can help boost your energy and focus. If you're using the fragrance in a specific room, such as a bedroom or a home office, consider the intended use of that space and choose a scent that complements it.

Consider the Season

The time of year can also influence your fragrance choices. In the spring and summer, you might prefer lighter, fresher scents such as CoCo, that evoke the outdoors, such as citrus, floral, or oceanic scents. In the autumn and winter, you might want warmer, cosier scents that evoke the season, such as our Burnt Orange diffuser. Keep in mind that some scents, such as lavender and vanilla, are versatile and can be used year-round.

Experiment and Have Fun

Ultimately, choosing the right fragrance for your home or office is a personal choice, and it may take some experimentation to find the perfect scent for you.

By considering your personal preferences, the purpose of the fragrance, the season, and the quality of the product, you can find a scent that perfectly complements your environment and enhances your mood. So go ahead and indulge in the world of CoCo Bleu - you may just find your new signature scent.

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