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how to to get the best from CoCo Bleu reed diffusers


2/23/20232 min read

Getting the best from our reed diffusers

The scent of our environment can affect our mood, our stress levels & our emotions. CoCo Bleu reed diffusers are perfect for a subtle 24/7 ambiance, giving different areas of your home their individual aroma. With a little bit of maintenance, we will help you to get the best from our diffusers.

As we make all our diffusers to order, to ensure the ultimate freshness, we would ask that if you have received your diffuser the day after ordering, its best if you wait 1 more day before use, to ensure maximum binding of the fragrance to the base.

Firstly we recommend that you shake your diffuser for a couple of seconds before you remove the plug. Please be careful when removing the plug, or flipping the reeds, diffuser liquid can damage painted, delicate surfaces & soft furnishings, always ensure the glass is free from fragrance, before placing on any surface.

Replace the collar if there is one & place the reeds in.

We provide you with the optimal amount of reeds for the fragrance you have selected. The scent throw is very dependant on the placement within the room, the fragrance and the size of the space. Should you find the aroma overpowering, simply remove a reed.

Flip your reeds from time to time, it's also refreshing to give the diffuser a gentle shake from side to side occasionally if you don't have time to flip. Ensuring you do this over a safe area and wipe up any spills immediately.

Diffusers will last for a couple of months, if they are in direct sunlight, close to a radiator or near a door, they will not last as long.

Good locations for a diffuser are;

  • your hall for an inviting aroma when people arrive at your home.

  • perfect for bathrooms & kitchens to keep unpleasant smells at bay.

  • a relaxing diffuser for living spaces is ideal to keep your home smelling fabulous & to help you relax.

Diffusers are ideal for anyone who would like their home pleasantly fragranced. If you find you can't burn candles or spray air fresheners because you have breathing difficulties, but would still love a scented environment, they are perfect. They are also ideal for hiding pet & cooking smells.

At CoCo Bleu our diffusers are hand poured to order, ensuring the freshest possible aroma. We also have matching candles for when you desire an extra burst of fragrance.

We provide reed diffuser refills, you don't need to replace our luxurious CoCo Bleu glassware, simply refresh with a top-up refill, send your refill back to us when you are done and receive 20% off your next diffuser refill.

We hope these tips help, I have diffusers in my hall, all my bathrooms, my kitchen & my living room and I love particular fragrances for each, the only place I don't place one is my bedroom, I can light a candle there if i need a little extra ambience :-)

If you have any questions or would like recommendations please feel free to drop us an email

extra large reed diffuser in luxury kitchen
extra large reed diffuser in luxury kitchen