Scent notes

fragrance notes explained


Notes are how a fragrance is built, there are 3 types, described as top notes, middle or heart notes and base notes. Each note indicates the scents longevity, similar to when you spray perfume and after a while it smells differently, candles are the same.

  • Top notes will evaporate first and are usually citrus or light florals

  • Middle notes are longer lasting and what you will smell after 30-60 minutes, these are usually stronger florals

  • Base notes are the lingering, long lasting elements of a fragrance, they usually consist of the heaviest scents such as sandalwood, oud, vanilla or musk

In a series of blog posts we describe the scented ingredients which make a fragrance, so if you've ever wondered what amber or tonka bean is, this series of posts will explain.


Amber is tree resin which actually produces very little odour, in fragrance creation, amber is a description for a scent, really a combination code of several scents. Usually patchouli, other resins & vanilla, creating a musky, slightly sweet, powdery scent. Amber makes an excellent base ~ which are the fragrance notes which linger. Rich, warm, oriental & sensual. Found in our CoCo, The Duke & Influencer range & our Sensual, Exotica & Musk Melts & Diffusers.


A highly fragrant flower. Considered an aphrodisiac, it is sensual and exotic. Fresh, floral & fruity, a very rich luxurious scent ~ calming & romantic. Used across our range ~ Sensual Awakening, Sakura, Exotica, Lady K, Pretty Emerald, Silver Fox, Cherry Noir, Femme, Ombre Leather.

Orange Blossom

A rich citrus scent from the leaves of the bitter orange tree, a complex fragrance with fresh, clean, floral & honey notes ~ luxurious & soothing ~ from the same tree as neroli, but with different extraction methods. Found in our Sensual Awakening & Sakura range & our Orangery wax melt


Fresh earthy, citrus scented plant, a softer aroma than lemon oil, with green herbal notes ~ soothing and calming yet an invigorating and very uplifting fragrance. Found in our Restore Candle, Diffuser & Wax melt