Scent Notes Part 3

What is Oud?


2/17/20231 min read

Fragrances notes

Notes are how a fragrance is built, there are 3 types, described as top notes, middle or heart notes and base notes. Each note indicates the scents longevity, similar to when you spray perfume and after a while it smells differently, candles are the same.

  • Top notes will evaporate first and are usually citrus or light florals.

  • Middle notes are longer lasting and what you will smell after 30-60 minutes, these are usually stronger florals.

  • Base notes are the lingering, long lasting elements of a fragrance, they usually consist of the heaviest scents such as sandalwood, oud, vanilla or musk.

In a series of blog posts we describe the scented ingredients which make a fragrance, so if you've ever wondered what amber or tonka bean is, this series of posts will explain.


Warm, woody & aromatic, one of the most expensive scents in the world, a resin created from mould ~ creates a sensual element to fragrances.

Found in our Peony woods range.


A very clean, fresh, floral and woody fragrance. Lavender is an old world herbaceous fragrance familiar to everyone. With a calming effect, Lavender promotes sleep and relaxation.

Found in our Influencer, Sleepy Head Time For Bed & Enchanted Garden range


Woody & aromatic, an excellent mid or base note to combine floral and citrus scents. Earthy and smoky, it promotes relaxation and relieves anxiety.

Found in our Sensual Awakening, Silver Fox, Glens of Antrim, The Orangery & Pomegranate Noir Ranges.

Tonka Bean

Tonka beans are the seeds of a tree from S. America. Similar to Vanilla but not as sweet. The fragrance is nutty, woody, spicy with hints of tobacco.

Found in our Influencer, & Damson Plum Ranges

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